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Here at I Can Learn Another Language, we aim to teach young children, teenagers and adults to speak Spanish. Whether you need to brush up on your skills before a holiday, are studying for your GCSEs, or if you just want to learn, we have the perfect lessons to suit your needs.

There are countless benefits to being bilingual, and here we teach people to not only speak and understand the language, but to read and write in it too. This enables one to be confident when using their language skills. Furthermore, learning to speak another language has been proven to improve the standard of ones first language.

Most of the time we use our first language with little thought to grammatical rules or construction. This is natural, as children pick up sounds they hear and mimic them until they grasp how to speak properly. By learning another language, we are able to compare and form links between two languages, which further enables us to improve our knowledge of both languages’ mechanics.

Why Spanish?

We currently only teach Spanish to our clients, as the demand is higher. Approximately 425 million people use Spanish as their primary means of communication, which is 25 million more than those who use English! With 20 countries having Spanish as their official language, you can be sure that the vital skills we teach you will pay off!