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About Us

My name is Sylvie Walker, the main teacher here at I Can Learn Another Language. Born to a Spanish family I was educated in Lyon, France, passed my Baccalaureat in 1993, then qualified as a Spanish teacher in 1998 in the Universitee Lumiere Lyon II. I worked as a Spanish teacher in Roanne High School in 1999 and prepared students for the Baccalaureat (the English GCSEs and A Levels). Following this, I moved to Spain and taught French to Adults in 2000 at the Instituto de Idiomas in Barcelona and in a business company called Puig, a perfume and cosmetic company.

I soon met my now husband in October 2000 and moved to London. Here, I taught French and Spanish to business people (mainly brokers and lawyers) in the City, Holborn and Canary Warf. I worked for different schools like the Communicaid Group, St Georges International and LSI.

After having my children, I decided to create my own school and now we are teaching from the studio at my home and in nurseries and schools.

We previously taught French also, however now, we only teach Spanish as the demand is higher. we teach young children, teenagers and adults. The school is expanding and now other qualified Spanish teachers help me to cover the high demand of lessons.

All of our teachers are native to Spain, so have a true and strong link with the country and its culture. This, we believe is an extremely important factor as it means that our students learn from teachers who have a wealth of experience with every part of the language and its background.

With our smile, knowledge and passion for Spain and its culture, we teach Spanish to anybody and everybody who wants to learn!